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Contract Project Manager – Useful tips that work

Listing Details : Contract Project Manager – Useful tips that work
Contract Project Manager – Useful tips that work

Contract Project Manager

In these times of crisis, we are reminded how unsecure our jobs can be. In such a market would you consider contracting?

If the answer is yes, then you probably believe that you will not be able to get a role as a contractor, so let me dispel a few of the common myths surrounding this:

“I have to be very experienced before I become a contractor”

No you don’t – think of contractors as mercenaries or extras in a film, or even temps. Businesses need personnel to fill resource gaps at all levels – junior, senior etc...

“When times are hard and permanent staff are getting laid off – the contract market suffers”

Actually this is not true. The reason contractors are so attractive to companies is they can be hired and released at short notice; even though contractors are more expensive they do not come under headcount costs.

“Contracting will ruin my CV”

If you make the decision to become a contractor 3 month roles and gaps in between roles will not affect your chances of getting a role, if you explain them properly in your CV as well as in interview.

“If I am a Contractor I won’t be able to get back into a permanent role”

This is not necessarily true, in this modern age employers are becoming wiser to different employment practices. Many people now realise that breaks for travelling, sabbaticals, postgraduate study breaks, or contracting for a number of years in between permanent roles are an acceptable part of people’s careers.

“I have to have Industry Sector Experience to get a role in that Sector”

This is not necessarily true; however the market is set up so that those who are a lower risk and better fit the brief will get the job. This means if you have any experience in the sector you are trying join you are more likely to be considered for a role than someone with none.

“If Demand shifts I will not be able to get a contract – no-body will want me!”

If demand changes for your specialism, you can “drop” to related areas. For example if Investment banking fails, then I can try for retail banking or the financial sector in general.

If this changes your mind, you will need to market yourself with an up to date CV and register with the various job sites. The contractor market and contract Project Manager jobs are advertised on numerous job sites.

Below are my tips on the most efficient process in applying for roles:

  1. Send CV in response to job advert

  2. Take a note of:

    1. When you sent CV

    2. Recruiters contact name

    3. Recruiters contact details

    4. Name of agency

    5. Where you saw the advert

  3. Call recruiter to confirm they received your CV

  4. Get recruiter to check CV suitability for role

    1. Make a note of whether you were suitable

  5. Get recruiter feedback

    1. Make a note of recruiter feedback

  6. Chase recruiter daily until – shortlisted or rejected

For more information on Contract Project Manager visit  

or email

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